BMW Pario 3.0

2048 new World

Morphogenesis research

Interior and technical design

Sketch book

Package 1/5 scale model


PARIO 3.0 allows residents of Megacity, located at the seaside, to move from the city to the spare-time islands located on the ocean.
It is a public vehicle of a new era for spare-time during the weekend.
It belongs to the virtual reality. It is present only when it is needed.
It is composed of nanobots able to organize themselves using digital information and create material. This is PARIO’s era (genesis in Latin), the interface of the future.

  • BMW PARIO recreates the fun of travel.

  • Sleek design and very advanced for a public vehicle.

  • Each step in using the vehicle proccure new emotions and makes traveling happy!

  • PARIO is there when you need it, it eliminates the visual pollution of public vehicles today. In 2050 the number of car will be 3 billion, the market for virtual reality avoids this increase.

  • Alteration of the information contained in the digital processor nanorobots allows indefinite recycling. Nanorobots may be used to create other products


BMW – Master Degree 2011


Master Project 2011, concept, advanced design, transport design, concept vehicle 2050