Flow Motion

Keys Inspirations

Toyota Staff playing with Ferrofluid during my presentation

Sketch review with the General Manager, the Senior Exterior Designer of Toyota and the professor Patrick Giraud

Ambiance Morphing : Sculpture in Motion

Concept-2 Textile Morphing

Key Sketches for scale model

Scale model Evolution

Photo finish with all students and staff. Great job! Congratulation everybody!


Dance is Life, Life is Evolution.

The Laban Contempory Dance of London, is one of the world’s finest centres for the training of professional contemporary dance artists. It is a creative and cosmopolitan community of performers, choreographers, teachers and researchers from around the globe.

It was founded by Rudolf Laban an Hungary choreographer who study during his whole life the Movement in Dance.

For Creative Dancers of Laban Dancer Center, dance is the way to leave Tensions and create their own Univer. An Univer where they can explain there Emotions freely.

Improvisation, Inspirations, Music, Moves rythm their life.

Car styling need also to leave those contraints and explain itself.
Automobile needs a real Evolution. Consequently car won’t be a simple package anymore but a Sculpture.

Let Creative Dancers make there own car thanks to there feeling.
Let them create A Sculpture in Motion…


Partnership Toyota ED²


4th year project