Tension VS Freedom

Leave all those Tensions and find your own Freedom, find your way...


Cartel Honda Element 10 :

Opened on the shore of the Pacific ocean, Los Angeles stretches until the horizon. Composed of 84 cities and quarters, Hollywood made the worldwide capital of Movies Industry.

Los angeles, where reigns dream, pastes and spangles (Hollywood studios, Beverley Hills, Malibu, Disney…), stress and tensions (work, journey, economic crise…) take part of the daily.
The contrasting world!

Just like this megalopolis, traders’ life makes dream quite a few people but between this picture and reality there is often a big step.
His daily activity rests on a perpetual game between the information, intuition and technology. Always in research of good deal!

Faced with this permanent Tension which place takes Freedom, dream and calmness?




4th year project